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Books and Free Excerpts

Welcome to Your Designer PlanetWelcome to Your Designer Planet!: A Brief Account of the Cosmogony on Earth (iUniverse, 2007).

Introduction: Why Saying “The Earth Is a Designer Planet” Can Radically Change Our World

Words are powerful, and here are six words that could transform the world. The Earth is a designer planet. What’s the big deal about these six words?

The big deal is that they ignite a syllogism, as powerful as a nuclear bomb. Western culture, Christianity, and medicine have schooled us in a dead philosophy of matter and an erroneous causal logic. Matter is inert, consciousness is a by-product of the brain’s processes, the Earth is an accidental product of collisions and gas pockets, the body is a meat-machine best managed by chemicals and prescription drugs, the universe is so big and we are so small as to be inconsequential, ineffectual, irrelevant. The universe, galaxy, solar system, Earth, and humans too, are accidents of reality, or the gradual products of competitive natural selection and Darwinian biodeterminism.

It’s a grim syllogism, and we are exposed to it every day in Western countries. It is implicit in everything that comprises our social and psychological reality. It doesn’t leave us much room to move, and even if we should move, what could we accomplish?

Let’s consider the alternate version of human and planetary reality, that the Earth is a designer planet. Let’s follow out this syllogism. A designer planet implies a blueprint, a design, a template or model from which the material form was copied. A blueprint requires an architect, draftsman, somebody who drew out the specifications. An architect requires a client, and presumably the client has a purpose or intention. The client has a reason for wanting the “product” made, and made along these lines. A blueprint, architect, client, and intent all imply—require—a teleology, an end-goal. Somebody wants this product made this way to achieve a purpose, perhaps a long-term one. A purpose implies a fulfillment, an achievement of the original inspiring intent.

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A thing that is built will eventually require fixing, maintenance, and here the client has been provided with a copy of the blueprint, specifications, and operating instructions courtesy of the architect. Regular maintenance is not only necessary in terms of keeping the product in excellent working trim, but it’s part of the product design, a way to engage the end-user to look after the beautiful, delightful product. The fact that the end-user has to periodically fix the product is a clever way of keeping their interest and attention focused on it; even better, it gives them something to do that requires intelligence, creativity, fun, and freedom. The secret payoff, planned by the architect, is that the client realizes how important he is. It’s up to him to maintain and upgrade the product, and his actions can be powerful.

The product is our Earth. The client or end-user is humanity. The architect is somebody well known though periodically disbelieved in, the Supreme Being. The design or blueprint is the designer planet, a virtual template of the spiritual worlds. The intent, purpose, or teleology is to enable human beings (souls with organic bodies) to live responsibly and interactively in a condition of freedom on a designed planet, and to use those conditions as a foundation for full self-awareness and illumination.

The payoff to this alternate syllogism I think is impressive. It is empowering. Life has been planned, carefully thought out, executed, and has a purpose and goal. Our planet was designed to be a workshop for humans to attain full awakening. Humans were designed to be able to help maintain this workshop which, by the way, is in constant and reciprocal connection with the solar system, Milky Way Galaxy, and all aspects of the spiritual worlds or what are traditionally called the Seven Heavens.

We know about designer clothes, designer jeans, and designer labels—now it’s time to learn about designer planets.

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In the 1970s, American researchers got excited about the possibility of the mind controlling functions of the autonomic nervous system, such as heart rate. Scientists studied yogis from India who had mastered this skill, and they even quantified the degree of interaction and control the yogis demonstrated. Later, they developed biofeedback technology to graphically portray how focussed human consciousness could interact with and modulate usually automatic body functions.

They thought they had opened a small door into mysteries of mind and body, but actually they opened a gigantic door—the door—to the secret of planet Earth. The entire planet with all its geophysiological functions and their subtle underpinnings was designed to operate under an equivalent biofeedback mechanism run by humans. Through focused human consciousness we can modulate geophysiological functions. This ability is not meant as a means for weekend entertainment, but is part of the design; you could say the architect factored the human interaction into the equation.

As a syllogism, the Earth is a designer planet leads directly to humans are vitally important to the operation of the design. This is not a pyrrhic importance, an illusion. No, it is probably the most important fact of Earth life: the Earth was designed for us. All of matter, whether it is bodily or planetary, is protean, plastic, and responsive to consciousness. The Earth was designed to afford maximum human-planet interaction.

It doesn’t matter that, except for basketball players, we humans are only five or six feet tall, don’t weigh that much or individually take up a lot of room, and may not be muscular or occupy positions of political or economic power. None of this matters; all of this is illusory. The truth is that humans are awesomely puissant, Light-holders and Light-distributors for a responsive, interactive, holographic planetary landscape. The Earth’s design is like an electrical socket; we are the cord that gets plugged into it. When that happens, the planet collects “electricity” (Light) from the cosmic grid and planet, humanity, all of Nature, everything on Earth, down to the last pebble, lights up.

The design template occupies the focus of this book. It has many names, including Light body, Light grid, visionary geography, ensouled geography, celestial Earth, mystical terrain, Earth of Light, imaginal topography, geomythic landscape, but I bet most of these phrases are unfamiliar to you. Here’s one that may be more recognizable: a numinous landscape of sacred sites and holy places. The planet has lots of sacred sites, holy places, and pilgrimage destinations, and since about 1987, people in Westernized countries have been gradually becoming more aware of them. Indigenous people have been aware of them for millennia, and interacted with them too. The Harmonic Convergence of August 1987 got a lot of non-indigenous people out into the landscape perched expectantly for days at sacred sites, waiting for—what?

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The “what” was a long-term revelation that individual sacred sites are portals to other realities and that the entirety of sacred sites is a distributed network connecting all of Earth to higher states, the spiritual worlds, and the rest of the Milky Way Galaxy. In this book I document that sacred sites are: purposeful, equipped with inner or normally invisible aspects, doorways into other realms of experience, functional parts of a planetary body, arrayed in a great variety of styles with multiple copies.

 To understand the intention behind sacred sites you need to see them globally, as several hundreds of thousands of luminous and liminal nodes in a single Earth body. I show that this single Earth body with thousands of nodes is a functional, living being, that all the nodes are its vital functional parts, that its overall design is as a hologram or virtuality of the archetype of the human—humanity’s Self—and the structures and processes of consciousness, and that it works as a mirror for us of this. Want to know who you are, where humanity came from, or the Earth, and why? Look into the mirror which is the Earth’s design template or sacred site landscape. Remember the cliché, It’s all done with mirrors. It is: the mirror is the design template.

Two things happen when we look in the mirror. First, we get a revelation of our identity. Second, we help the Earth remember herself as a planetary being. An extra benefit happens too: humanity and planet get realigned to their source. Both need this realignment regularly because like in a car radio the signal drifts after a while and you need to fine-tune the reception. Since the solar system and galaxy are living and moving astronomical beings, we need to periodically adjust our alignment. Our interaction with the designer template of the Earth through sacred sites is how we do this. Plug human consciousness into a sacred site portal and fine-tune the Earth.

Given the choice, wouldn’t you rather live in a reality in which your context, that is, body and planet, has been designed for a purpose that requires you to join in? The purpose? To expand your awareness and sense of self and identity to the fullest, to encompass the planet, even solar system, and why not, the galaxy as well, to have the full scope of awareness and puissance in consciousness you once had in “Heaven” but to freely enjoy it now in the setting of organic human bodies on an organic planet. Freedom and enjoyment, believe it or not, are hard-wired into the design product. We may not feel we get much of either these days, but the design accounts for both.

The minute we step forward and assume our responsibility to be wakeful interactors and system maintainers with the planet’s distributed geomantic body, that’s when we start getting some of that freedom and enjoyment. It’s a contact high. That’s when we can look under the hood and see the works, as Dashiell Hammett wrote. That’s when we can enter the architect’s office, as the door is always open, study the blueprints laid out on the desk, contemplate the beautiful blue-white model on display, our Earth, and see how the planners turned a great design into a planetary reality.

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This is the sixth in the series called “Primers on Earth’s Geomantic Reality.” It’s a primer because mostly it’s a concentrated introduction to a complex subject. I bring in the Earth because the features are distributed across the globe so the entire planet is implicated in their reality and application. Geomantic is an old British term with different nuances; mine is that it is the discipline of figuring out Earth’s energy patterns and how to use them. Reality means higher or deeper reality, something a bit beyond the comfort zone of our consensus reality yet very much a planetary truth.

The purpose of the series is to show different ways we can interact beneficially with the planet through its many geomantic nodes designed just for that. My intent also is to reveal some unsuspected design aspects of our host planet so that we might form a more respectful and more accurate picture of what our planet actually is. An additional purpose is to provide enough information, conceptual models, mythic traditions, field reports, and geomythic adventures to inspire people to find ways to re-engage themselves with the planet and to pick up the human responsibility we all share to help maintain it and in effect to continue the Creation on Earth.

The escalating problems with the global environment are starting to get our attention, though not that of the majority of political “leaders” in the United States. Unfortunately, as we put our focus on the whole planet, rather than national or even regional landscapes, it is a gaze informed by fear, panic, and uncertainty. We know we’ve been “bad” to Mother Nature, so what’s she going to do to us in reprisal? That of course is a catechism from Christianity which informs much of Western culture, and it is based on an incomplete understanding of the realities of human and Earth interactions, and it puts everyone on the defensive, as if chased by the Greek Furies.

Believe it or not, the truth of the Earth is joy, the template is infused with it. It’s not a question of punishment or reprisal, but of rebalancing, readjustments. Maybe that occasions some bumps and turmoil, but its goal is therapeutic, healing, and curative. The approach to re-instigating our human relationship with Nature and Earth that I present (and favor) is based on information and amusement, emphasizing comedy over tragedy, rejuvenating, invigorating life-force over thanatos and death. The comedian and the comic process, Woody Allen once explained to a journalist, is always about the attempt to “get you airborne,” to defy everything that pulls you down, gravity, the weight of life, to open up “a whole crack in the negative.” Interacting with the Earth can be like that, and I present ways to make it happen.

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What does Welcome to Your Designer Planet! do? It gives you a look at the blueprint, the designer’s template, or at least part of it, ushers you into the architect’s  field office where plans are converted into tangible realities. I’ve been researching this subject for 23 years, but probably I have been interested in it for many more years. I say “probably” because it’s always surprising what a child thinks or dreams about. I’ve had a few glimpses of my own visionary childhood and I would say I seem to have had some interest in planetary design, mechanics, and protocols of interaction for a long time, and it also seems in making visionary forays into the system early on. That’s part of the fun of it, the play, or what the Hindus call lila, the delightful maya. You can travel around in it, visit places, meet people, learn things, make a difference.

In case, like me, you’re not crazy about physical travel, you’ll see from Chapter 7 plus from various adventures related throughout the text, you can travel a lot from home using clairvoyance as your means of transportation and investigation. To a large degree, this is necessary because from our normal reality vantage point, all of this is usually invisible, beyond normal perception, and easy to discount because we can’t see it. We credit the tangible world with reality because we see it constantly. The planet’s visionary geography, or geophysiological template, is not materially visible or tangible.

The thing is I suspect many have glimpsed it unknowingly, perhaps in a startling dream, or a daydream on a restful beach afternoon, or in a psychic opening. Those who have had near-death experiences know there are a lot of interesting things going on just beyond the border of ordinary reality; if you’ve read visionary reports, such as by Carlos Castaneda or of the flights and deeds of indigenous shamans, you’ll know too. Some of it has been previewed for us in movies, through special effects or imaginative plots such as Field of Dreams, which to me is a lovely geomantic primer about the discovery and operation of a sacred site.
Another way to put the crucial principle is that the Earth, humanity, and spiritual worlds and galaxy are in constant reciprocal communication and operate in a system of continuous correspondences, where the below (us and the Earth) corresponds to or is a homologue of equivalent structures and processes in Light above. The principle of constant correspondences is known as one of the Hermetic axioms, but I have amended it to refer to three, not two, things: As above (spiritual world, Heavens, galaxy, archetypes-images), so below (the human microcosmic imitation of that), and in the middle too (the Earth with the same correspondences as an intermediary). Welcome to Your Designer Planet! turns on the interplay of these three corresponding realms.

The underlying question I look at in this book is how did the Earth get here, and why does it exist? Another question is this: does the Earth have a spiritual body and how does that work? Many people have a moment sometime in their life when they stop, look around, look at themselves perhaps from a different angle, and wonder why am I here? Why is there reality? Why is there consciousness? Part of this self-reflexive questioning of one’s basic context is also, I propose, to ask the same of Earth.

 The Mayans evidently did, and their seers clairvoyantly read some of the planet’s past, all the way back to its birth. Later in the book I recount their terraforming creation story where essentially the planet Earth arose out of three transformations of a dragon. This is not so outlandish as it might sound; the Norse said the Earth is surrounded by the Midgard-Serpent, and the Greeks said the dragon or “snake” Ophion is wrapped seven times around Eurynome, the archetype of the planet. Clearly, the Mayans thought about this question, and came up with some answers based on empirical (clairvoyant) research. No doubt, it aided them in their ceremonial practices as performed through Mesoamerica in numerous temples.

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I subtitle the book “a brief account of the cosmogony on Earth.” It’s brief for two reasons: I don’t know the whole picture yet, and any longer would be too long. Cosmogony refers to the stages of unfolding from creation to full manifestation, and it includes the players, agents, and recipients of this wonderful largess of planet-making. The cool thing about the way the Earth was put together is that you can reiterate, experience, even participate in, ritualized performances of this cosmogony at the sites. The stages of the cosmogony are templated like performance pieces throughout the Earth, like holograms activated when you step across the threshold of a numinous site.

Why is the Earth here is a valuable question to ask because when you get even a shred or glimpse of an answer you begin to realize how important the set-up is, what is required of us, what was given to us. We take the Earth for granted on too many levels. There is no argument that humanity has abused and despoiled the environment, but that is only the surface of things, the trashed threshold. We have done the Earth a greater disservice by being oblivious to its esoteric geography. Yes, it’s part of a Mystery and initiation that require slow and sequential revelation, but we do not at present even credit the possibility that such a visionary geography could exist. It’s a tremendous failure of imagination not to conceive of this possibility and in many cases to actively discredit it and to disavow its existential possibility and probability.

Granted, we have had a lot of help in forming this blind spot. Religions, science, medicine, philosophy, education, and other subtler psychic influences have all contributed to the darkening of our imagination and perceptual range. Maybe we were deceived, or seduced, or strong-armed by authorities—whatever the means, the Earth needs us to snap awake from our long entrancement, and as soon as possible.

Not all have succumbed to the powerful insinuations of consensus reality. Many people love the Earth and suspect all the sacred sites have more to them than it appears. But what? Why are there so many? Might they have a hidden, even collective, purpose, hidden in the sense that we cannot easily or readily discern it? I propose they do, and this book is a survey of some aspects of that purpose and function.

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I draw liberally from mythologies and science as well as my own clairvoyant research to put a plausible picture together of the mechanics of our designer planet. We have reached a point in our life on Earth when we need to regain this information. Global climate change and environmental crisis are forcing us to look at the Earth, to see it as a single if huge planetary system with many interdependent parts like us. Too many movies it seems are now mocking up what global collapse and catastrophe through multiple natural disasters might be like, but this view is not likely to inspire us to action. Rather, it reinforces the assumption of our ineffectuality, and that is a lie.

The lie is so heavy on us we easily mistake it for reality, and it’s hard to push it off. I hope this book will do some of that heavy lifting to get the lie off you because it dissuades us from taking any action, worse, from crediting there is a field for action. If we remain there, weighed down under this tremendous lie, Earth suffers, and the global climate crisis, which is both a challenge and an opportunity, may play out badly.

The opportunity is to learn how to interact responsibly with our planet, not just on the physical level of carbon emissions and petroleum versus solar energy economies, but in terms of its subtle distributed network of functional sacred sites, its Light body. The challenge is that we have to start doing it now, pick up the slack and run with it. Indigenous people know this and have been interacting as best they can for a long time, but there’s not enough of “them” any more and there are too many of “us,” too few mechanics and too many people wrecking the machinery, for that to help enough at this time. Many more of “us” need to jump into action as players.

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