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Books and Free Excerpts

Stars on EarthStars on the Earth. Domes and Stargates, and How to Interact with Them (Lincoln, NE: iUniverse, 2006)


The Earth holds a wonderful secret in store for us. The stars of the galaxy live on our planet. We can access them merely by walking across the landscape. We can have visionary encounters with the actual celestial beings whose bodies are the stars.

Yes, this all sounds fantastic if not improbable. The context for these possibilities is the fact that the Earth is not what we think it is. Or perhaps we don’t think about the Earth that much at all, or perhaps only in the context of environmental problems, greenhouse gas emissions, climate change, and planetary warming trends. I’m referring to something behind these layers of the Earth, something forgotten. Not forgotten by all, but largely by people in the West. What has been forgotten? That the Earth has another aspect to it, something that connects us to the galaxy.

I use the term visionary geography to describe this other aspect. It connotes a terrain of holy sites, numinous nodes, places that invite pilgrimage and deliver visions. Were you to see past the physical features of the landscape, the hills, lakes, mountains, as well as the great diversity and abundance of stone structures built by humans to mark the spot of sacred sites in the landscape, or to use a more specific term, geomantic high points—geomantic refers to energies of the Earth—you might start becoming aware of a whole other layer to the planet, to a landscape packed with Light temples. There they all are, just beyond the facade of the physical features.

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A Light temple is a structured, interactive space in which the prime building material is light. These are the kinds of places you might visit in dreams. These are the kinds of places refered to in all the world’s myths as the residences of the gods, as mystical, evanescent, hyperreal locales where strange and remarkable things happen. People behold the Holy Grail; they fight off dragons and collect their treasures; get deliciously enfolded in the wings of angels; talk to august spiritual teachers; and more.

It is a very big picture, but to summarize it in a sentence: the structures and locales of the spiritual worlds and subtle planes of the galaxy are all copied on Earth. This copy is a vast interactive terrain meant to facilitate our full awakening to the mystery and wonder of human identity. Not only are all the spiritual worlds and celestial beings inside us, part of the essential constitution or spiritual architecture of the human, but they are also all out there as a subtle, responsive, geomantic environment. What is inside us is matched by what is outside, and both are mirrors of what is up there, or further in there, or further out there: the original pattern.

I like the phrase As above (the original spiritual worlds), so below (all of it inside us), and in the middle too (all of it in the Earth’s geomantic landscape). This equivalency across the levels enables us to creatively interact with the Earth and thereby the Heavens. The details of this three-leveled pattern are enormous; my current research, after 22 years, brings the tally to 115 different types of Light temples, all of which have multiple copies. This book, then, introduces three of these geomantic features, and touches on a half dozen or so more that have a functional relationship with them.

The geomantic features I cover in Stars on the Earth have to do with stars. The virtual presence of stars and their implicit higher intelligences right out in the landscape all around us. The possibility of having real-time visionary interactions with these “star-beings.” The possibility, unbelievably, of actually going to the stars. The possibility of moving very quickly across the surface of the Earth using starlight.

That’s the deep-end summary of what this book offers. Here’s the view from the shallow end of the swimming pool. Ever wonder why a mountain is considered holy? Why people living near it say the gods live there, or once did, in glorious estates to which occasionally a few men and women might get invited for a brief tour around? The answer is this particular mountain has a dome over it, a canopy of celestial light that recapitulates the conditions of a paradaisal realm in which mountains are masses of light populated by all sorts of blissful spiritual beings. Ever wonder if any of the really outstanding ideas from science fiction like travel to other planets have any reality? The answer is yes, they do, and the planetary travel bit is made possible by stargates. Ever wish you didn’t have to use cars, trains, buses, boats, or airplanes to get around? The answer is you don’t, and the solution is terrestrial traversable wormholes.

Domes, stargates, and traversable wormholes are the main geomantic topics I cover in Stars on the Earth. I use both myths and science, astrophysics and geology, to help explain them, and I show you ways to interact with these previously unsuspected features of our planet. Along the way, I distinguish three types of domes—one for stars, one for holograms of the galaxies (called zodiac domes), and one that mimics supermassive black holes (called universe domes). I explain function and origin, to the extent I have figured this out. Basically, the book is an excursion into explaining aspects of cosmological structure as they are imprinted on the Earth in the form of subtle geomantic features. The three features profiled here—domes, stargates, traversable wormholes—are each aspects of the fundamental structure of the galaxy and its subtle body called the spiritual worlds.

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Why is it important to know about the Earth at this level? Because we need to understand how our planet works. With the chronic environmental crisis and the looming uncertainly of global climate change, we are beginning to understand some aspects of planetary meteorological systems and the effect of our industrialized civilization upon them. But that’s only part of the picture. There is much more to the Earth than what we ordinarily see, and it is increasingly important we start seeing it. In simple terms, let’s say the planet has a subtle anatomy and physiology that actually drive all the physical systems and their parameters and perturbations. This subtle anatomical and physiological realm is actually antecedent to the physical world and thus it is the place to go if we want to effectively balance and improve planetary conditions.

It may seem paradoxical, but to truly feel grounded at a bodily level while living on Earth we need to be grounded into its Light reality. That’s why some working knowledge of the planet’s vast visionary geography is now becoming essential.

This is the third in the series called “Primers on Earth’s Geomantic Reality.” It’s a primer because mostly it’s a concentrated introduction to a complex subject. I bring in the Earth because the features are distributed across the globe so the entire planet is implicated in their reality and application. Geomantic is an old British term with different nuances; mine is that it is the discipline of figuring out Earth’s energy patterns and how to use them. Reality means higher or deeper reality, something a bit beyond the comfort zone of our consensus reality yet very much a planetary truth.

How do I know any of this? I was introduced to this secret, geomantic side to the planet in the mid-1980s as part of a concentrated three-year seminar conducted by the angelic order called the Ofanim. They are great teachers, and continue to show me new things. I field-tested everything through hundreds of geomantic outings and visionary innings. This enabled me to build a comprehensible (if fabulous) empirical base of experiences, visions, mystical encounters, and field information.

I did a great deal of standard scholarly research, looking for parallels, equivalencies, and ways to describe what I had seen. I found a great deal of this in the world’s myths. Stories are an excellent way to share esoteric information based on visions, and they’re also an excellent way to preserve them for millennia for future needs. To verify, confirm, validate, and extend my findings, I used my own clairvoyance. This enabled me to systematically research at a more subtle level the whole pattern of the Earth’s visionary geography. It gave me access to special tutorials offered me by the Ofanim and other celestial world colleagues.

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It also made it possible for me to share some of this wonderful visionary material with others in workshops by way of direct, facilitated “expeditions” to some of these Light temples. The proof, ultimately, is up to you, as it was for me. I offer a number of meditative exercises in the book to give you a chance to visit the “inside.” When you experience some or all of what I’m pointing to you’ll know it’s there. Then comes the fun part: we can revisit these locales together.

Not only is it fun, because then more people are seeing the Earth a little more clearly, but it enables us to start fulfilling something humans are supposed to be doing but aren’t: regular human interaction with the Earth’s many Light temples is also a kind of planetary maintenance of the visionary geography pattern. The Earth’s subtle body needs maintenance by humans to keep everything in working order.

Further, our maintenance is best performed in concert with the angelic realm and in cooperation with the realm of the Nature Spirits. So you see, getting acquainted with some aspects of the Earth’s geomantic pattern is just the beginning. Here’s the map, now, let’s use the map to go to this locale. Getting there is actually part of the maintenance. It is a very economical, efficiently thought-out system. In fact, that’s another key fact: the Earth is a designer planet. It was made for us. Thought up, designed, executed, and put in play for us by the higher spiritual worlds. Why? So we could receive the full gift of the Light from the Supreme Being while in bodies.

The Earth’s visionary geography is a complex receptacle for the spiritual Light. We go to different kinds of geomantic sites to get some of that Light. When we get the Light, it automatically feeds the Earth, because the Earth needs the Light too. When we have the Light, so does everything else in Creation living on the Earth: dogs, cats, flowers, trees, rivers, lakes, puddles, insects, bears, birds—everything. This book offers you ways to go get some Light from the stars templated on the Earth. You’ll feel better, because the Light is a food and it helps us remember why we’re here, and the Earth will feel better, because it is a living spiritual organism too, often called Gaia, in honor of its master residential landscape angel, and it needs the food.

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