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Books and Free Excerpts

Geomantic YearThe Geomantic Year. A Calendar of Earth-Focused Festivals That Align the Planet with the Galaxy (Lincoln, NE: iUniverse, 2006)

Does the spiritual world care about the Earth? Does it intervene?

Perhaps you’ve pondered these questions. I certainly have. My answer is yes and yes, and this book will show you how it works, why, and how you can join in.

Traditional cultures have always known the year is a rhythmic organism, that certain important events get repeated each year and need to be honored, even encouraged. Mythology scholars such as Mircea Eliade spoke of this in terms of the myth of the eternal return, that at a certain level of experience the fundamental acts of the cosmogony and the deeds of the primogenitive gods are still happening today. To get into that vivid experience of the nowness of today, traditional cultures practiced rituals and ceremonies at specific times during the year. Anthropologists sometimes refer to such cultures as Earth-based because they tied their material and ceremonial life to rhythms of the Earth, such as agriculture and seasons. But they were Earth-based for another reason that perhaps the anthropologists did not see: they knew the Earth becomes the focus of spiritual beings and events during the year.
We don’t have to be a traditional Earth-based culture to get back into this rhythm and ceremonial cycle. I call it the geomantic year. Geomancy is a term that describes the subtle energy configurations and dynamics of the Earth, and geomantic node points to certain places of heightened Earth-energy charge, and the geomantic year refers to a regular cycle of events focused through geomantic nodes on the Earth. The full name for this cycle is the annual geomantic liturgical calendar. It’s annual because it repeats every year, though sometimes with new additions or special events; geomantic because the planet’s geomantic nodes, also known as sacred sites, serve as the outdoor cathedrals, churchs, and synagogues for these ceremonies; liturgical because there are protocols for interaction that ensure maximum benefit; and calendar because you can mark these dates on your calendar as appointments you will keep with the Earth to help conduct celestial and spiritual energies into our planet.

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The Geomantic Year does two things: first, it gives you a monthly calendar of events in real-time in which spiritual beings, star-gods, illumined masters, angelic orders, or even the Supreme Being, will be focusing on our planet for a day, usually with a particular theme or nuance to their dedicated attention on our behalf. This is not a revival of old folklore customs that once had some social impact; no, I am talking about actual, almost palpable, spiritual world attention to the Earth on the given day. On Epiphany, January 6, the Christ is in fact tuning in to the planet to birth his Light; on Michaelmas, September 29, the Archangel Michael is cleansing the Earth’s sacred sites; on Beltaine, May 1, the Celtic god Bel (the same as the Greek god Apollo) offers all of humanity the chance to visit what the Irish called a Magical City and see the legendary Sword of Nuadu, an ancient endowment to humanity.

This is more than mere cultural travel and immersion. The Earth needs our participation. It has to do with an old contract humanity made with the spirit of the Earth, often called Gaia. The planet would provide us with material benefits, such as food, clothing, a clement atmosphere and climate, and we would provide it with Light. Humanity may not feel it has a great self-image at the moment, but I assure you we have. And the spiritual world is holding it up before us with confidence as a reminder.

 Our role as embodied people walking around on Gaia’s planetary skin is to channel celestial and spiritual world Light to the Earth through its thousands of sacred sites. One of the ways we were meant to do this was to participate in this annual geomantic calendar of infusions of the Light from above, allowing it to pass through us into the Earth. It has to do with how the planet was made—designed, in fact—that requires our participation. The spiritual world cannot just channel it directly; it has to pass through the human realm and be transduced, like a strong electrical current, into an assimilable form by the planet. Also, we get a certain benefit out of putting ourselves in between the spiritual world and material planet: we get the Light too.

I alluded to how the Earth was designed. It is a designer planet. It was planned out, designed, configured, and then manifested by higher intelligences for our benefit. The design calls for a virtual or holographic copy of most of the features of the heavenly worlds, many of which have been remembered and described in myth. The purpose was that we would use this galactic template as a catalyst for evolution, that is, our gradual and finally total expansion of consciousness based in material bodies.

 The total expansion of consciousness is the same thing as waking up and remembering where we came from and why. This is relevant because we suffer from a deep-set amnesia. We cannot remember why we are here, which is to say, the history of our soul and the decisions that led to our deciding to enter the human incarnational stream on planet Earth. It was a long-term commitment. Why are we here? What do we want to accomplish? Why is there a planet or bodies at all? We can’t remember what we once knew, and in our amnesia we end up trashing the place.

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It’s important to know that the planetary design has a meta-design to it. When you take all the geomantic features and see them together and at once, they reveal another thing, another aspect to the design—perhaps the master design behind it all. Ourselves. The Earth’s visionary geography (another name for its array of geomantic nodes) is a hologram of who we are as cosmic beings, our cosmic Self, if you like. You may have heard the axiom, As above, so below. It’s called the Hermetic axiom, and it describes a correspondence between the structures and processes of Heaven and Man. But it is incomplete and should read: As above, so below, and in the middle too.

The “middle” part is what the geomantic year is all about. It’s the Earth. Yes, the human is a faithful copy of the important features of the spiritual worlds, but the Earth is too, and its copy is found in the geomantic array of nodes and sacred sites. Its meta-design reveals itself to also be a faithful copy of everything in the spiritual worlds. The master design of the Earth’s visionary geography is a galactic template.

This is what enables us to interact with the spiritual world when it focuses on the planet at a given date in the annual geomantic calendar. It’s also why we need to. The Earth needs us to perform our role as the conscious interface, and we need it so we can start dissolving this terrible amnesia we live within and start remembering. Participating in the events of the geomantic year is a perfect and easy way to do both.

I said The Geomantic Year does two things. The second thing it does is offer you a vista of what it was like taking part in dozens of Earth-focussed events this year. It’s a record of my year with the planet; next year, it could be the record of your year with the Earth. I present my experiences hoping they’ll inspire you to join in, and to show the flavors and nuances of the different events and the types of visionary experiences they may invoke. You can read The Geomantic Year to get a vivid picture—snapshots— of the many interactions between the spiritual world and Earth in 2005 to 2006 as well as for a list of viable future events, for 2007, 2008, and the years beyond, where key events will be repeated because they are part of the planet’s natural, organic cycle.

Some of the events described are traditional observances, such as Beltaine, Samhain, the solstices and equinoxes, while others are unfamiliar and even odd-sounding, such as Father-Hill Day, the Day of the Burning Cubes, and Big Fish Day. Possibly some of these were once observed, long ago, under different names, and these names are lost to cultural memory. Or maybe the Supreme Being is making them up as we go; show a little interest and maybe He comes up with all sorts of Days. The information and dates are based on my consultations with the Supreme Being as well as certain helpful members of the Great White Brotherhood and angelic orders.

 You would think, as I once did, that communication with and from the Supreme Being would be right up there with, say, winning a Gold Medal at the Olympics. Not so. The Supreme Being has this curious quality I call infinite intimacy. Sure, he has a lot on His plate—how many billions of galaxies to look after?—yet there’s no sign of dyslexia or attention deficit anywhere, and none has ever been noted. What I mean is that the Supreme Being can give every single sentient creature in existence His full attention all at the same time and never lose track or drop His focus on anyone.

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 Similarly, express your interest in helping the Earth, and He is likely to come through with all sorts of creative ideas and suggestions, such as this geomantic calendar. I put it this way: take one-half a step towards the Supreme Being and He runs 100,000 miles towards you. He’s very responsive. Also, nobody around the Throne is too excited at seeing the Earth get any worse environmentally, and it’s widely acknowledged that some kind of more proactive stance must be taken. They can’t force us to take part because that would make the gift of free will a lie, but they certainly hope that we might be inspired to join in when we can during the year.

I document 58 geomantic events during the year. These repeat each year. I explain the cultural or conceptual basis for the event, how to take part in it, and often give event impressions of how the experience went and the kinds of visions it brought. That means you get 58 simple but practical meditative exercises to get you into the events. Even though unavoidably the nature of the experiences is visionary or clairvoyant in essence, none of the meditations require any psychic ability to do them. All you have to do is visualize a few things and keep your attention on them for ten minutes. It’s easy, fun, illuminating, and it will benefit the planet a great deal.

 In addition, I narrate eight special events in which the spiritual world intervened during the year to make an infusion, remove, release, or adjust something, or to bless us all. Each month I present a Geomantic Highlight, whereby I briefly explain one of the planet’s visionary geography features, and I offer a Research Report, an essay about the convergence of geomantic and cultural, political, or even religious-spiritual matters. You begin to sense a new theater for social efficacy: want to change the world? Maybe tidying up the planet’s visionary geography is the best way to do it. Are the actions of the world’s only superpower becoming oppressive to your peace of mind?

It seems the Great White Brotherhood has a great secret plan of their own, and this one has humanity’s best and enlightened interests in the forefront. Want to feel more at home on planet Earth? Connect with the gnomes and devas and maybe send a golden rose with the word Hello! on it to Gaia herself, the planet’s spirit.

I also offer you a special essay on a proposed reformulation of Western astrology. Astrology, at its best, is a real-time interpretive and predictive model of the living dynamics of the solar system and galaxy as we find them in our life and planet. It is also an accessible and experientially vivid demonstration of the year’s rhythmicity. I propose it needs to be founded on a plausible cosmological model and ought to accommodate a few more geomantic factors and should have more dimensionality. I present two Inception Day descriptions for the start of the astrological cycles of Aries and Taurus, just to give you the flavor of a clairvoyant perspective, rather than doctrinaire account, of what these galactic energies might be like for the Earth.

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The geomantic year shows us a number of complex rhythmic patterns. The start of new astrological sequences is one. Another is the recitation on the 72 Names of God through the Earth’s minor chakras (a geomantic feature) every five days. Another is the stimulation by specific stars of one out of 100 key mountain peaks every 3.6 days as part of a global energization of the distributed crown chakra of the Earth. For the former, I provide a complete year’s calendar, while for the latter, a sampling of five. Clearly, there is still much more going on with the Earth and cosmos during the year than I have detailed in this book, but it should be enough to flesh out the idea.

My year with the planet—what an immersion in angels, star-gods, extraterrestrial intelligences, Ascended Masters, archangels, landscape angels, Nature Spirits. You see how embedded the Earth is in the life of the galaxy, how the Heavens live on Earth. And perhaps you sense the many and great rhythms of planetary life expressed through its ritualized geomantic interactions with the celestial realms. In fact, the year with the planet reveals some extraordinary changes have been made in 2006 as it were behind the scenes of our ordinary observation and media coverage. Certain long-bound energies have been freed, the planet’s gold has been blessed, and patterns of stagnation and extreme resistance have been stimulated or softened.

This is the fourth in the series called “Primers on Earth’s Geomantic Reality.” It’s a primer because mostly it’s a concentrated introduction to a complex subject. I bring in the Earth because the features are distributed across the globe so the entire planet is implicated in their reality and application. Geomantic is an old British term with different nuances; mine is that it is the discipline of figuring out Earth’s energy patterns and how to use them. Reality means higher or deeper reality, something a bit beyond the comfort zone of our consensus reality yet very much a planetary truth.

The purpose of the series is to show different ways we can interact beneficially with the planet through its many geomantic nodes designed just for that. My intent also is to reveal some unsuspected design aspects of our host planet so that we might form a more respectful and more accurate picture of what our planet actually is. Another reason for the series is that culturally we need to reorient ourselves with respect to the Earth; our environment and its climatological parameters are uncertain and the oppressive weight of atheist materialism grows more burdensome every day. Maybe, just maybe, on a good day, we might consider ourselves, humanity, as divine, but the planet? You must be joking. Accidental, serendipitous coagulation of solar gases. Nothing divine about that; quite mechanical, really. So our scientists tell us.

Aside from the fact it is not true, it is a discouraging paradigm to live in. It disempowers us and the planet and gives us no way to effectively improve things. That’s a lie too. The means of improving our life on the planet lie right before us, around us, in fact, just as the famous biblical saying has it that the Kingdom of God lies all around people and they don’t see it. That kingdom is the galaxy on Earth, the master design and geomantic template of the spiritual worlds, galaxy, and celestial realms that comprise the Earth—the marvelous, interactive, responsive, ever-so-sensitive visionary geography in whose midst we live even if so unknowingly. Let’s get out our appointment books for 2007, and beyond, and pencil in a few dates, shall we?

Don’t feel you have to read the book from start to finish. I fully expect you to jump in to the month or even specific event that interests you and work out from there. Unavoidably, then, you will encounter some minor repetition of detail and explanation as I assume you will be diving in as you feel inspired to and not reading from the start. Even so, I kept the repetition to a minimum, just enough so you don’t get lost conceptually, and I often refer you to other sections for more information.

That said, I hope to see you someday soon out in the visionary geography, bringing down the cosmos to feed and enliven the planet for another year.

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